First European strike in Ryanair’s history

European Ryanair Strike
More than 4000 cabin crews from 4 countries (Spain, Portugal, Belgium and Italy) are called upon to join this European movement. It is a unique opportunity to express your opinion, a last resort before Ryanair’s total immobilization. You might be put under pressure by your airline but do not worry, we know how Ryanair acts and this practical guide will give you the necessary information to withstand the pressure. It is high time for you, as Ryanair’s crews, to express your desire for improvement of your working conditions and dignity at Ryanair’s. We are fed up with the abuses, the , threats and the lack of labor rights!"

Join us in this European movement ! Colleagues from 4 countries are going on strike all together!

Why do I have the right to strike?

Every worker, whether he’s a member of a union or not, has the right to strike. This right is an essential part of the Belgian Constitutional freedom of association (art. 27)
The Belgian law (as well as the Irish law) comply with the international norms recognizing the right to strike:
ILO ( International Labour Organization ) 
Convention 87 : Freedom of Association and Protection of the Right to Organise Convention, 1948
Convention 105 : Abolition of Forced Labour Convention, 1957
Recommendation 92 establishing a “right to strike”
European Social Charter : Art.6 § 4. Collective action and strike.
European convention on human rights
All those national and international norms stand above your contract. Your labour contract has to comply with these norms.In case, any article of your contract does not comply with them, Ryanair can not legally use it against you.

If I am a foreigner in Belgium, do I have the right to strike? YES!

Citizens and public authorities are subject to the Constitution and the rest of the legal system. 

Is this strike legal? YES!

All the necessary steps and timeframes adjusted to the law have been followed. The law establishes a notification before the start of a strike and a prior mediation between the airline and the workers' representatives before going on strike. All the steps have been followed according to Belgian conventions.

What can CNE/LBC do for me if I go on strike and receive retaliation? Legal Help and a Assistance Fund.

There can’t be any reprisals for exercising your right to strike. In case of any abuse, CNE/LBC’s legal services will be available for members in the city of your choice. In addition, CNE/LBC has a assistance fund that helps members financially, either by paying a daily strike fee or in case of reprisals or dismissal for going on strike by paying a daily financial compensation until the day of the trial. You need to know that in Portugal, no a single worker has been sanctioned for going on strike.

The compensation amount in case of a 2 day strike is as follow:

A fee of 30€ for every strike day for every union member. It is 60€ for 2 days

Why will the strike help me?

It is a unique opportunity to claim your labor’s rights and dignity denied by Ryanair for years. It is a historical moment to change Ryanair into an airline of the future, with decent and regular jobs. Workers from 4 countries go on strike together! Do join them!

What do the unions ask for?

We ask for 3 elementary items:

1. Application of the local legislation for each country. This will favour the workers’ labour rights and the negotiation of collective agreements, as compared to any other airline. 
2.To apply the same conditions for all workers, whether directly contracted or subcontracted by Ryanair. Same job! Same conditions!. A collective labour agreement must be negotiated and this will be applicable to all workers. 
3. Respect for freedom of association. Ryanair cannot choose who they want to negotiate with. Workers’ representatives have to be elected by the workers and those are to be recognized by the airline as the one and only possible negotiating parties. This will be the case for Spain, Portugal, Italy and Belgium.

What can I do during the strike to actively assist?

If they call me during my rest period, am I obliged to answer? ABSOLUTELY NOT. The law establishes that a rest period must be uninterrupted. (This is also a EASA rule)
21) "Rest period": uninterrupted and defined period of time during which the worker is relieved of all service, service at the airport, and of the standby.
The same goes for vacations or days off. The company may calls worker on their off days off, during your rest period or vacations before or during the strike or during in order to cover flights. It is your right to turned off your phone until you start working again.

Is there any minimum services imposed by the Belgian authorities?

 No minimum services applies to aviation in Belgium.

What can I do if they call me asking me about my strike intentions, but I do not want to answer?

You are not obliged to report if you will strike or not.

You could turn off / avoid answering the phone during your rest period. In case you answer the phone, state for example, "I'm sorry, I have not decided yet if I will strike or not". During your rest time you could be sleeping, you could be travelling or doing any activity that could prevent you from answering the phone and the airline must not expect you to be available at any time.

In case of pressure by telephone, what can I do?

We do expect the airline to put you under pressure. In this case, we advise you to communicate only by e-mail whenever possible. This will leave a written record for your own protection and avoid misunderstandings. A personal dialogue by phone between you and the airline can be averted. Moreover, each worker is free to record his/her personal telephone conversations through several mobile apps.. The use of this call recording apps is perfectly legal. In case Ryanair multiplies the number of phone calls to you it can be considered as harassment and is punished by law.

If I strike, will the airline give me a ‘No Show’?

A ‘No show’ is a simple rostering code This ‘No show’ due to the strike must not be followed by disciplinary measures. In Portugal there were no consequences for the strikers. This time we appeal to more than 4000 cabin crew to go on strike.. Are they going to sanction them all? Of course not! Colleagues from not less than 4 countries are going on strike together and will support each other.

What can I do if I have been assigned to any of these duties: flight, airport stby, home stby, day off, vacation, break between flights, illness?

1. In case of a flight: it's your right to decide. You do not have to inform, even if they ask you about your intentions 
2. In case of Rest, day off, vacation or sick leave: in these periods you are NOT OBLIGED to answer the phone. You can turn it off or refrain from answering.. 
3. In case of Home / airport stby: Until the start of the HSTBY / ASTBY you are not obliged to answer calls from the airline, you can even turn off your phone during your rest time and wait until your stby starts.

What can I do if I’m hesitating?

In case of doubt we advise you not to refuse immediately but you can state the following verbally or in writing:
"I do not refuse to fly but I want to verify the legality of this duty. I will contact you again with an answer as soon as possible. "
You can make your consultations to the phones:

Yves LAMBOT (CRL) 0479/22.01.11
Didier LEBBE (BRU) 0476/35.52.20
Hans Elsen, (BRU) 02 557 8686 or

Europe moves for the rights of Ryanair! Join up!

Yours CNE/LBC-NVK rep.